Maria & Nicolas

At the enchanting O’mega Yacht Club by the sea, wedding planner Irene Stavrianou organized the most elegant and dreamy ceremony. CrystalStones in a minimalist setting combined with Swarovski stones added a strong contrast of elaborate, natural and glowing images. The warm colors of the bouquets that had stunningly decorated the space created the most beautiful backdrop to capture individual images. The stage culminated with people enjoying the live saxophone during the sunset …


Wedding planner: Ιρένε Σταυριανού
Florist: Κουτρούμπας
Χώρος event: O’mega Yacht Club
Νυφικό: Φωτεινή Ξιγκάκη
Χτένισμα: Τhe Parlor
Mακιγιαζ: Lilit Badalyan
Γλυκά: Ταξιάρχης- Da Vinci
Aυτοκίνητο: Wedding Vintage Cars – Μιχάλης Τελιόπουλος
Κοστούμι γαμπρού: The Mark – Κωνσταντινίδης
Ρούχα παρανύμφων: Desiree
Φωτογράφιση: Ολίβια Ανθοπούλου
Δεύτερη Φωτογράφος: Γιώτα Λοτσάρη