Sissy & Thanasis

Thanasis and Sissy’s marriage simply fascinated us … The couple met one year before their wedding. From the beginning they won us over and made us look forward to the day they would celebrate their love. One of the most important goals we set for couples who choose us is to have a good relationship by the day of marriage so that there is trust and intimacy – something that will make it easier for us to have the desired result and of course it will the couple to feel safe.

Thanasis and Sissy got married on the first Saturday of last autumn in the holy temple of Prophet Elias and the wedding took place in Boa Vista. They chose the timeless and so chic white color to decorate their wedding. All very attentive, especially, just without exaggeration – as much as needed. Sissy’s elegant wedding dress, her light hairstyle and her natural make-up made her more beautiful than ever …

The couple’s tranquility, their kindness, the happiness that was painted on their faces, and their love for photography helped us create very beautiful images.

Thanasis and Sissy thank you very much for choosing us to be with you this day… You have already won a special place in our hearts!